Offensive Terms

2 on 1

The offensive situation where an offensive player has beaten his/hercheck to create a man advantage going into the offensive zone. (3 on 2,4 on 3, 5 on 4 are created in the same way.)

Backhand The act of shooting or passing from behind one's back.
Corner Man The player that plays the corner or shooter positions on offence.
Corner Position The offensive position on both sides of the floor located near the side face-off circles.
Cradling The rocking motion of the stick used to gain a feel for the ball and to keep control.
Crease The area around the goal that cannot be entered by the opposition.
Crease Man The offensive player who plays the crease position.
Crease Position The position on the goal line extended and about one metre off the goal crease.
Dodge A one-on-one move where a deliberate step is taken in one direction followed by an explosive step in the opposite direction.
Draw Pulling and turning the stick during a face-off.
Face-off One method of starting or re-starting play. See "Draw".
Fake Performing a movement without completion to fool the opponent (e.g. faking a pass or a shot).
Fast Break The rapid attack which occurs during the transition from offence to defence.
Give & Go Passing then quickly going for a return pass.
Left-Handed The player's dominant hand is the left hand and is located at the throat of the stick.
Loose Ball The status of the ball when it is not in the control of either team.
Man-up/Odd Man See "Power Play".
Motion Offence An offensive pattern that involves the five runners in a continuous and balanced cycle of player movement.
Out of Bounds The area of the arena or box designated as a non-playing area.
Overhand A shooting or passing motion created by moving the stick down from above and just off the shoulder.
Overload The strategy of moving one or two extra players into one area of the floor.
Pick Blocking the path of a defender so he/she cannot follow his/her check.
Pick & Roll The setting of a pick and then turning to receive a pass.
Point Man The player who plays the point position on offence.
Point Position A spot at the top and centre of the floor and is the spot filled by the player who is furthest from the goal.
Power Play The situation when one team has a player advantage as a result of a penalty.
Quick Stick Catching and then passing or shooting in one motion.
Ready Position A method of holding the stick with two hands so that the head of thestick is near the shoulder and ready to receive a pass or check.
Right-Handed The player's dominant hand is the right hand and is located at the throat of the stick.
Scoop A method of picking up the ball by accelerating the head of the stick under the ball.
Shooter See "Corner Man".
Side Arm Shooting or passing the ball by swinging the stick through the horizontal plane at the waist.
Sub Shot The shot that is taken with the stick moving in a plane below the waist (also know as an underhand shot).
Trap & Scoop Placing the head of the stick over the ball to stop its movement and then scooping the ball into the stick.
Triple Threat The stick is held with two hands so that the body is between the stickand the opponent and in such a manner that the player can pass, shootor go around their opponent.
V-Cut The one to three step-move of an offensive player to engage thedefender and then with a quick reverse step, move to get open toreceive the ball.
Weak Side The side of the floor with the least number of players.


Defensive Terms

Box Defence A zone defence usually used against a power play.
Checking Contacting the offensive player or the player's stick.
Clamping Placing the head of the stick over the top of the offensive player's stick.
Controlling Keeping a player in check in order to keep offensive threats to a minimum.
Defence The part of lacrosse that is played when the opponent has the ball and is associated with protecting the goal area.
Defensive Stance The knees are bent, the feet are shoulder width apart, the lead foot isslightly ahead, the stick is held to match the opponent's stick and toprotect the body.
Man Short Asituation where one team has fewer players allowed on the floor thanthe opponent. (Also referred to as short-handed or man-down.)
Man-to-Man A team defence where there is pressure on the ball carrier while theremaining players move off their checks towards the middle of thefloor.
Sliding The act of leaving one's check to help a teammate.
Stick Side The defensive position taken to defend the offensive player's stick.
Switch Exchanging checks with a teammate.
10-Second Rule The time allotted to move the ball into the offensive zone when short-handed.
30-Second Rule The time allotted to get a shot on the opponent's goal. Time begins when the team gains possession of the ball.
Zone A defensive strategy where each player has a designated area to defend.


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